NAMBE 2015 General Chairs

Isaac Hernández-Calderón, Physics Department, Cinvestav, Mexico

Máximo López-López, Physics Department, Cinvestav, Mexico

NAMBE 2015 Conference Office

Dr. Frantisek Sutara
Physics Department - Cinvestav
Av. IPN 2508
07360 Mexico City, DF

31st North American Molecular Beam
Epitaxy Conference


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2015 Exhibitors

American GMG Inc.
Applied NanoFemto Technologies LLC
DCA Instruments
Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten GmbH
E-Science, Inc.
k-Space Associates, Inc.
Mantis Deposition, Inc.
Orsay Physics
Sentys Inc.
Staib Instruments, Inc.
SVT Associates
United Mineral & Chemical Corp.
Vacuum Barrier Co.
Vital Materials Co., Ltd
Wafer Technology Ltd.


The North American MBE Conference sponsors the following awards to researchers in the field of molecular beam epitaxy:


Please, see the instruction below for nominating qualified candidates for the first two awards. The nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of previous award recipients and the NAMBE Advisory Board:

MBE Innovator Award

  • 2004: David Miller, Pennsylvania State University
  • 2005: Tony Spring Thorpe, Bell Northern
  • 2006: William Hoke, Raytheon
  • 2007: Norman Cheng, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • 2008: James Harris, Stanford University
  • 2009: Colin Wood, Texas State University
  • 2010: Ted Moustakas, Boston University
  • 2011: Charles W. Tu, University of California
  • 2012: Darrell Schlom, Cornell University
  • 2013: George Tuner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2015: Chris J. Palmstrøm, University of California - Santa Barbara

NAMBE Young Investigator Award

  • 2006: Hock Ng, Bell Labs
  • 2007: Sanjay Krishna, University of New Mexico
  • 2008: Seth Bank, University of Texas, Austin
  • 2009: Aaron Ptak, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • 2009: Barry Wu, Agilent Technologies
  • 2010: Zetian Mi, McGill University
  • 2011: Joshua M.O. Zide, University of Delaware
  • 2012: Minjoo Larry Lee, Yale University
  • 2013: Mark Wistey, University of Notre Dame
  • 2015: Ganesh Balakrishnan, University of New Mexico


We are now accepting nominations for the 2015 MBE Innovator Award and the NAMBE Young Investigator Award. The deadline for accepting nominations is June 15, 2015.

MBE Innovator Award:

Sponsored by the North America MBE Advisory Board and Veeco, the MBE Innovator Award recognizes individuals whose innovative work has significantly advanced the field of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Individuals must have outstanding credentials, and their innovative work must have had/or be having a significant impact on the advancement of MBE technology in one (or more) of the following four categories:

  • Materials Research
  • Device Development
  • Device Commercialization
  • Equipment Development

The award consists of a plaque and a check of $3,000. The deadline for accepting nominations is June 15, 2015.

Download (Doc): MBE Innovator Award Form

NAMBE Young Investigator Award:

Sponsored by the North America MBE Advisory Board, the Young Investigator Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the science and technology of MBE or enabled by MBE by the age of 35 and show promise of future leadership in the field. The awardee should have presented the cited work at one or more NAMBE conferences.

The award shall consist of a plaque and a check of $1,000. The deadline for accepting nominations is June 15, 2015.

Download (Doc): Young Investigator Award Form

Outstanding Student Paper Awards:

Two will be given based on the quality of the presentations, either oral or poster, made at the Conference. The student awards will be judged by a selection committee consisting of Program Committee members and Advisory Board members at the 2015 NAMBE Conference.

The awards consist of a plaque and a check for $500.

Student Travel Assistance Awards:

A limited number of student travel awards are available to provide financial assistance for students participating in the conference. The student's advisor must write a brief letter of support describing how attending NAMBE would benefit the student in his or her professional interests. Priority will be given to students that submit abstracts to the conference. Please email a brief request for a travel award and the letter of support to