NAMBE 2015 General Chairs

Isaac Hernández-Calderón, Physics Department, Cinvestav, Mexico

Máximo López-López, Physics Department, Cinvestav, Mexico

NAMBE 2015 Conference Office

Dr. Frantisek Sutara
Physics Department - Cinvestav
Av. IPN 2508
07360 Mexico City, DF

31st North American Molecular Beam
Epitaxy Conference


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2015 Exhibitors

American GMG Inc.
Applied NanoFemto Technologies LLC
DCA Instruments
Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten GmbH
E-Science, Inc.
k-Space Associates, Inc.
Mantis Deposition, Inc.
Orsay Physics
Sentys Inc.
Staib Instruments, Inc.
SVT Associates
United Mineral & Chemical Corp.
Vacuum Barrier Co.
Vital Materials Co., Ltd
Wafer Technology Ltd.


f you need a visa we strongly recommend to start your application at least two months before the start of the conference.

Note: Consider that just applying for a tourist visa will result in a faster procedure in many countries.

List of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Mexico.
List of countries whose citizens DO NOT need a visa to enter Mexico.

IMPORTANT: Attendants with a valid USA visa that are resident in the USA, Canada, Japan, UK and countries of the Shengen Area can enter Mexico without a Mexican Visa.

If you require assistance or an invitation letter for your visa appllication please contact the Conference Secretariat: Dr. Frantisek Sutara
Please provide your full name, mailing address, passport number, date of birth, passport validity duration, country of citizenship, and the code of your presentation.

Travelling with children

In order to prevent international child abductions, Mexican law requires that minors traveling without their parents, or with only one parent, present proof that they have their parents' authorization for travel. They should carry a notarized letter from the absent parent or parents authorizing travel into Mexico.
The minor must be carrying the original letter as well as proof of the parent/child relationship, usually a birth certificate. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

In the case that only one parent's name appears on the birth certificate, that parent's authorization is sufficient, along with presentation of the birth certificate.

If one parent has sole custody of the child, a court order must be presented.
If a parent is deceased, the death certificate should be presented.

Example Letter of Authorization for Travel

I (parent's name), authorize my child/children, (child/children’s name) to travel to (destination) on (date of travel) aboard Airline/Flight # (flight information) with (accompanying adults), returning on (date of return).

Signed by parent or parents

Notary Public Signature/Seal